(OS1) Certified Trainers and Coaches, from cleaning organizations all over the United States, at the annual Expert Trainer Course in Orlando, FL.

In-service Training Classes

The (OS1) Train the Trainer program is a required, semi-annual, in-service training and certificate program for (OS1) Trainers and (OS1) Coaches. The classes are two separate annual events known as:

The term, “in-service training”, encompasses a broad range of advanced specialized training opportunities designed to enhance the existing skills, or instill new skills or knowledge based upon the assessed needs of the (OS1) Trainer or Coach.

(OS1) Trainers and Coaches are required to attend both classes, (consecutively within a 12 month period), in order to maintain their certified (OS1) Coach status.

*Being a graduate of Janitor University is a prerequisite to these classes.