About ManageMen

ManageMen is changing the way organizations view cleaning. We recognize the critical importance cleaning plays in the overall health of the building and the people working inside of it and have developed a systematic approach to cleaning in a way that empowers custodial workers, reduces waste and improves the overall levels of cleanliness in a facility.

Since 1985, we have provided strategic consulting services for the commercial cleaning industry and some of the nation’s largest employers, including the United States Postal Service, Boeing, University of Michigan, Sandia National Laboratories and University of Texas at Austin.

Our approach is simple: We reduce cleaning systems to their most basic elements, implement proven best practices and achieve maximum outcomes. This approach not only benefits our clients, but the broader cleaning industry as well. ManageMen’s 612 Cleaning Times has become the gold standard for establishing janitorial workloads in public and private industries everywhere.

As a Utah-based, female-owned corporation, our mission is to professionalize the cleaning industry and improve the perception of the custodial profession by teaching the emerging science of cleaning. Our team of tenured consultants and staff provide executive-level custodial management consulting and training for facility directors, managers, building service contractor owners and CEOs. We also develop award-winning training and support materials for our high-performance cleaning operating system known as Operating System 1, or (OS1). We teach and help implement the (OS1) management system into cleaning organizations.

ManageMen operates out of the historic Butler-Wallin House.