Find out how we can help you improve your cleaning operation without increasing your operational budget.

Benchmarking Begins the Process

Ben Walker conducting a Progress Audit with a Light Duty Specialist at a K-12 School.

We have the most extensive data base and expertise in transitioning large custodial operations with program improvement. Armed with benchmarked production rates and workloading tools to assess your staff and resource allocation, we will document where you are viable and where you need to improve:

  • Productivity (sq. feet per custodian/sq. feet per hour)
  • Balancing Workload Assignments
  • Cleaning quality
  • Worker Safety
  • Cost of Tools and Materials
  • Sustainable Cleaning

Program Implementation Assitance

Cleaning operations thrive when they institute an engineered process management program based on the adoption of best-practices and competition with the best performing organizations nationwide.

We conduct a baseline evaluation to identify your unrealized savings and improvement opportunities. Then we’ll provide a business plan to implement savings and improve performance.

We’ll work closely with your team to implement the best-practices, cost savings and program improvements from your Baseline Evaluation.

We Also Provide

  • Scientific cleaning standards
  • Engineered cleaning process (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified)
  • Cleaning for health specifications
  • Standardized cleaning procedures and training materials
  • Best-practices networking group
  • Revised individual job assignments based on individual Job cards and Core maps
  • World-class training support
  • Computer assisted training program