What is (OS1)?

(OS1) is a comprehensive, high-performance management system for cleaning operations. (OS1) also incorporates the concept of Team Cleaning®. It employs in-depth training, from the upper-management down to the cleaning-worker level. (OS1) prescribes standardized cleaning tools and procedures. This means that each cleaning worker is trained and certified on specialized tasks. Workers are ‘kitted’ daily with specific tools and chemicals for each team job function, which have been benchmarked as the best practice by the (OS1) Users. This simplification of the cleaning process results in a safer, cleaner, healthier and happier working environment.

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Benefits of (OS1)

  • Improved training program
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Lower indoor/outdoor environmental impact
  • Improved safety for cleaning workers
  • Higher morale
  • Balanced workload
  • Compliance with ISO 9001 standards
  • Going ‘Beyond Compliance’ with HAZCOM law
  • Effective training for people with disabilities
  • Improved management of custodial budget

(OS1) Program Case Studies and White Papers

Our case studies offer you the opportunity to learn more about what we do at ManageMen and the comprehensive range of solutions we offer through (OS1) and our consulting services.