(OS1) Audits

Baseline Evaluation

This is conducted at the very beginning of any cleaning organization’s transition to (OS1). We typically recommend doing a Baseline Audit to establish your starting off point.

Progress Audit

This audit can be conducted every 6-12 months, depending on the needs of your organization. The (OS1) Progress Audit contains the same criteria as the Baseline Audit.

We conduct two types of audits, a Baseline Evaluation and a Progress Audit. Buildings are not evaluated in a traditional “white glove” inspection. Rather than look at the symptoms of the cleaning process, we look at the cleaning and management elements that are in place. Those elements are measured to determine the basis in which to grow your cleaning operation.

Currently, our Audit contains approximately 340 key factors that are predictors of success. The key factors are in the form of simple “yes” or “no” questions about the installed (OS1) elements in your organization.  There is a set formula for scoring an audit. (OS1) Program users are given a comprehensive report, which outlines what elements of their program are missing and what elements need to be installed or re-tuned. The report becomes a “to-do” list of the various levels of organizational responsibilities to be improved.