2019 Green Certified Programs

The following organizations earned at least an 80% score on a ManageMen Audit in the 2018/2019 audit year.

  • Los Angeles Habilitation House – U.S. Coast Guard LA/LB
  • The University of Texas at Austin – E William Doty Fine Arts Building

About Green Certified Programs

Green Certified LogoThe Green Certified Program Award is presented to facilities that have submitted to a Progress Audit and earned at least an 80% score or higher. A facility that achieves this level is successfully managing their (OS1) Program. At this level, an organization is reducing environmental risk and the probability of unwanted effects. These programs can demonstrate the following:

  • Cleaning for Health first and then for appearance
  • Disposing of cleaning wastes in a environmentally responsible manner
  • Increased worker safety and awareness
  • Increased level of sanitation of building surfaces
  • Responsible and proper removal of pollutants from the facility
  • Reduction of chemical, particle and moisture residue
  • Minimization of human exposure to pollutants