The Cleaning Industry Trainer’s Guild’s, (CITG), focus is to spread the word about best practices that enhance the health and safety of building occupants and custodial workers. The Guild advocates a standardized (OS1) training curriculum delivery system. Each guild member implements this program within its own organization. The program curriculum, based on the science of cleaning, as taught at Janitor University, hinges on results pointed out in the landmark University of North Carolina study by Dr. Mike Berry. Berry’s study, which quantifies the difference between traditional housekeeping methods and scientifically cleaning; polluting vs. truly cleaning.

This program is especially significant in the $120 billion industry of janitorial services because both building service contractors (BSC) and in-house custodial staff must simultaneously be cost effective, environmentally conscious, health and security oriented while addressing the needs of building occupants.

The CITG group includes the trainers of organizations dedicated to doing the (OS1) Cleaning Program. Trainers receive regular updates on developments in training and coaching cleaning worker organizations. They receive their annual (OS1) Coach Certification by attending the required bi-annual (OS1) Train the Trainer Program.

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