With the help of (OS1), University of Michigan wins GCA Silver Award.

 from American School and University

GCA Silver Award Higher Education: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Total number of students: 43,400

Total square footage maintained: 15 million

Total number of custodians: 365

Total annual cleaning budget: $22 million

Green cleaning team members: Plant Building & Grounds Services (PBGS): John Lawter, Assoc. Dir.; Colette Donner, Carie Kloack, Henry Musial, Area Mgrs.; Kristin Brancheau, Business Mgr.; Bill McAllister, Garage Sr. Supervisor; Jim Ginnaty, Training Mgr.

The University of Michigan’s Plant Building & Grounds Services (PBGS) department began green cleaning in May 2009 with the introduction of the OS1 (Operating System One) cleaning program to campus.

Although the impetus for this change from a traditional zone-cleaning system was to increase building cleanliness in light of declining budgets, they have embraced the OS1 philosophy of “Clean first for health, then for appearance.” Integral to the success of the transition to green cleaning was the engagement of the campus community, including custodians, facility managers, faculty, administrators, students, staff and visitors…

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