What our clients say...

High performance cleaning is based on science principals. First, you recognize the total interconnected environment. You do that in (OS1).

– Michael A. Berry, Ph.D. author of Protecting the Built Environment: Cleaning For Health

The (OS1) Process takes complex requirements and puts them into a simplified system that anyone can do and most importantly delivers the results that are promised and expected.

– Jeffery L. Campbell, Ph.D.

As a novice, as I was in the cleaning world, I had the opportunity to learn, discuss, and understand about the only standardized cleaning system, present in the janitorial industry.

– Guido Piccarolo, President and Co-founder of LAHH

I’m convinced that if were not for (OS1), custodial operations would have been outsourced at Sandia National Labs. It saved the department.

– Jim Rush - Sandia National Labs

I can state with complete confidence, that we have not seen a single complaint related to carpet maintenance in a facility of any type where the (OS1) Program is in place.

– Carey R. Mitchell, Director of Technical Services at Shaw Carpets

Employing best practices such as the (OS1) system, allows us to offer effective and environmentally sensible cleaning services while protecting the environmental

– Paul Condie - Pro Building Services

I have not seen another cleaning program that promises so much to so many different people: the customer, the custodians and everyone who enters the building.

– Brandon Baswell, Custodial Services Manager - Michigan State University

The philosophy of Janitor University isn’t about asking for more money for the cleaning budget. Instead, it is about increasing productivity and lowering your own costs, using those monies saved to do more.

– Jeff Cross, Senior Editor - CleanFax Magazine

I like this system because I’ve seen it work. It’s the only systematic standardized cleaning system out there.

– Jim Ginnaty, (OS1) Coordinator - University of Michigan