About ManageMen

ManageMen is a business management consulting company for the commercial cleaning industry. It was established in 1985 by John Walker, who has experienced an eclectic career in all areas of the Jan/San Industry.

Our very first project, was a staffing study for the Utah State Board of Education. This research study was funded by the Utah legislature and jointly supervised by Salt Lake City, Nebo, Weber, Jordan, Alpine, Millard, Granite, Kane, and Davis School Districts and the Utah School Employees Association (NEA affiliate).

The study established a model and formula for appropriating taxpayer funds to staff public school cleaning operations throughout the state. The staffing study led to a wide variety of productivity projects in the cleaning industry. In 1987,  ManageMen produced the Custodial Development Manual for the Utah State Board of Education. This manual was adopted throughout the State of Utah and in many schools in the U.S. and Canada.

Since then, we have been involved in an assortment of projects with broad impact on the cleaning industry. The outcomes achieved have not only advanced the scope of our projects, but benefited the cleaning industry as a whole from the development of the accepted industry standard 612 Cleaning Times, to the implementation of housekeeping programs that are benchmarked as best practices by large organizations, our experience has broad reach.

Today, we are a Utah-based, female owned corporation. We provide executive level custodial management consulting and training for facility directors, managers, building service contractor owners and CEO’s. We also develop award-winning training and support materials for our high-performance cleaning management program known as Operating System 1, or (OS1). We teach and help implement the (OS1) management system into cleaning organizations. Our mission is to professionalize the cleaning industry by teaching the emerging science of cleaning.