What is an (OS1) Passport?

  • It is a performance-based, personal documentation of an individual’s (OS1) educational journey and career path.
  • It is based on participating in dozens of world-class training events on cleaning, sanitation, hygiene, leadership, training, coaching, management, communication skills – many of the personal ingredients that are necessary to success but seldom made available to cleaning worker and managers.

(OS1) educational events include, but are not limited to:

  • (OS1) Boot Camp
  • (OS1) Basic Training
  • MSDS Verification of Training
  • Protect Yourself Verification of Training
  • Janitor University
  • (OS1) Expert Trainer Class
  • (OS1) Certified Coach Class

How do I get an (OS1) Passport?

(OS1) Passports can be ordered online by filling out the (OS1) Passport Application.

Where is this (OS1) Career Path Training available?

At the growing list of leading cleaning industry organizations who are providing (OS1) cleaning programs. These outstanding industry leaders have built (OS1) Training Centers, hired  (OS1) Certified Trainers and are just beginning to provide (OS1) Professional Certification Passports for selected employees. Additionally, these organizations, acting in concert with the Simon Institute, have joined together in a joint accreditation program to ensure that training is standardized and rigorous.


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