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(OS1) Area Survey Booklet

A compact booklet designed to simplify collecting information necessary to workload cleaning operations to Job Cards. Designed to record key facility data including building designations, use, traffic, layout, density, surfaces and room counts. May be used to record building up to 14 stories tall or with multiple buildings in a campus-type setting. Makes it easy to transfer data to (OS1) PinPoint or manual work-loading systems.

(OS1)ian – Advanced Light Duty Terms

Instead of spending a fortune hiring translators and cutting down trees to print training materials in twenty different languages, ManageMen decided to create a curriculum for cleaning workers to learn a new professional vocabuarly. The new language is known as “(OS1)ian”. (OS1) Coaches and Trainers teach everyone on the cleaning team, even those who already speak English, the new language together. This new product provides (OS1) Coaches a method of expanding the terminology for their Light Duty Specialists. It includes 29 additional terms that any (OS1) Light Duty Specialist needs to know in order to perform their job.

ManageMen will be teaching how to use these booklets at the new (OS1) Workloading Workshop, November 2-4, 2011 in Salt Lake City.

The Official (OS1) Mug

Complement your coffee addiction with the Official (OS1) Mug. Great for team recognition gifts or training prizes. Microwave safe and Dishwasher safe. 100% Ceramic.

MSDS Verification of Training Kit

The MSDS Verification of Training pack contains materials that is used to verify that MSDS training has been conducted and the information has been properly transferred to the cleaning worker. This pack includes individual student examinations that require employees to fill in answers to worker safety related information in their own words. In addition, there is also a verification of training form to be signed and dated by both the student and instructor. An MSDS “Beyond Compliance” recognition pin and a personalized ID Card with key safety topic check off boxes is also included.

Protect Yourself Verification of Training Kit

The Protect Yourself Verification of Training pack contains materials that can be used to verify that bloodborne pathogen and bodily substance training has been conducted and that the information has been properly transferred to the cleaning worker. This pack includes individual student examinations that require employees to fill in answers to worker safety related information in their own words. In addition, there is also a verification of training form to be signed and dated by both the student and instructor. A Protect Yourself training recognition pin and a personalized ID Card with key safety topic check off boxes is also included.

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Save the date…(OS1) Workloading Workshop

OK, (OS1) Users…Mark you calendars! We are going to be doing the very first ever (OS1) Workloading Workshop, November 2-4, 2011 in Salt Lake City. We are still hammering out a few of the details, so stay tuned and check back for updates.

And the winner is….

Here is the complete and official list of Awards and Award Winners given at the 10th Annual (OS1) Users Symposium, July 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City:

Best Cleaning Program Award

Best (OS1) Audit Award

Cleaning Industry Pioneer Award

Cleaning Industry Innovation Award

Peer Influence Award

Cleaning Industry Trainer of the Year Award

Best Cleaning Industry Carpet Care Program

Best Cleaning Industry Communications Award

Best Cleaning Industry Safety and Health Program Award

Best Cleaning Industry Environmental Program Award

Best Cleaning Industry Training Program

Best Cleaning Quality Improvement Program

Best Cleaning Industry Floor Care Program

Best Cleaning Industry Certification Program

(OS1) Rookie of the Year Award

Dixon Middle School Teacher Praises (OS1)

by Jeff Hawkins
Provo City School District – Head Custodian/ (OS1) Certified Trainer

As a Head Custodian at a Middle School, I often have teachers approach me with comments and concerns about their classrooms as well as the school in general. I would like to share just such an encounter that happened in April of 2011.

I was walking down the hall at Dixon Middle School when Ms. Giblon, our band teacher, called my name from down the corridor. Ms. Giblon has had a lot of health problems and has been absent from school quite a bit this year. She has been experiencing unexplained migraine headaches and episodes where she “blacks out.” I stopped as she said she needed to talk to me.

To be honest, I expected to hear a concern or complaint about something that required my attention. To my pleasant surprise, she shared the accompanying story with me. I am truly inspired by her story and feel genuinely proud that the (OS1) cleaning program that I have been asked to oversee in Provo City School District is having such a profound impact on one of our teachers’ lives. Stories like these make all of the hard work worth it and are a true testament to the positive results of the (OS1) cleaning program.

Letter to Jeff Hawkins from a Teacher at Dixon Middle School

“I have been recently diagnosed with severe migraine headaches and my neurologist has been trying to help me discover and eliminate
things that may trigger them. She told me to try eliminating household cleaners with heavy chemical smells from my home as they may be one of the possible triggers. I have been cleaning with “natural” cleaners in my house for a few weeks now. I am also taking medication and trying to eliminate a few other things but I have not had a migraine or blackout incident since I switched cleaning routines. I have also had less allergy trouble.

I don’t know if the lack of exposure to heavy chemical cleaners at home and at school are the only reason I feel better but I have noticed that when I go into other schools and businesses and smell the chemicals from cleaners that I sometimes get the nauseous/lightheaded feeling I was getting before I was having my migraine/blackout incidents. I can’t stand to walk down the cleaner aisle at the store any more because it just gags me.

So anyway, I just want to thank you for being willing to pilot this new cleaning program at Dixon and for using safer cleaning products. I appreciate what an awesome job you do keeping our school clean and safe. It does make a difference!”

~Ms. Giblon
Dixon Middle School


(OS1) Expert Trainer Dates Announced

Ok, (OS1) Coaches and Trainers mark your calendars! We have determined the dates for the (OS1) Expert Trainer class in 2012. The class will take place at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Orlando, Florida May 17-18, 2012. Registration is now open. Click on the following link for more details about the class:

More information about (OS1) Expert Trainer


Have you registered for (OS1) Users Symposium yet?

Wow! Time flies. The 10th Annual (OS1) Users Symposium is only a month away, and I can hardly believe it. If you still haven’t registered yet…Don’t worry you can do it right here, right now. As a refresher, here are all the quick details:

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Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah


July 10-12, 2011

What does it cost?

$350.00 per person. This includes all scheduled events and meals, including opening reception, awards banquet and symposium materials. If you are planning on bringing a guest(s) to the Opening Reception and/or the Awards Banquet, please note the additional guest fee(s) as follows :

  • Opening Reception Guest Fee: $40.00 per guest
  • Awards Banquet Guest Fee: $80.00 per guest

Please make all checks payable to the Simon Institute, a non-profit organization.

How do I register?

Easy. Just click the button below:
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How do I book my hotel room(s)?

Simple. You can call the Little America Hotel-Salt Lake City reservations desk at 1-800-437-5288. Be sure to ask about the Simon Institute special rate ($119.00 per night. Please note this rate will expire after 06/09/11).

If you prefer to book your accommodations online, you can do it now by clicking on the button below:
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REMINDER: Outstanding Cleaning Worker of the Year Nominations

For the last couple of years, the (OS1) Users Symposium has been conducting a “Outstanding Cleaning Worker of the Year” recognition ceremony for cleaning workers, who have been nominated by someone within their organization. 2.5 million people earn their living in the U.S. as janitors, custodians and housekeepers. Most toil through their shift, day after day with little recognition for their contribution to the orderly operation of every business.

Once again, the Simon Institute is planning on conducting this ceremony during this year’s (OS1) Awards Banquet, July 11, 2011 at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

This a a friendly reminder, to all (OS1) organizations, that we are currently accepting your nominations for Outstanding Cleaning Worker of the Year. For you convenience, we are accepting your nominations online. Just click the button below to nominate a cleaning worker from your organization:

[button link=”” window=”yes”] Nominate My Cleaning Worker [/button]

We encourage all (OS1) organizations that nominate a cleaning worker and bring them along with you to the annual (OS1) Users Symposium. If they are in attendance, they will be presented with their medal of honor at the (OS1) Awards Banquet.

All medals are $50.00 per nominee. Payments should me made to the Simon Institute, a non-profit corporation.

INTRODUCING: The (OS1) Job Board

I am pleased to announce that the (OS1) Job Board is now live and ready to go. (OS1) is expanding and we have heard from many  (OS1) Users who are interested in maintaining a career or job in the (OS1) World. We thought this would be a useful tool for organizations who are currently doing (OS1) to seek out employees who may( or may not) already have a working knowledge of (OS1).

[button link=”” window=”yes”](OS1) Job Board [/button]

This job board is for both employers as well as job seekers. The format we have chosen has all the functionality of other Job search websites, but again, this is specific to the (OS1) World. Yay! Employers can post available jobs, browse candidate’s resumes, view and relist jobs once they expire, and so much more. Job seekers can browse for current (OS1) Jobs, build and update their resumes, apply for available (OS1) Jobs and more!

The (OS1) Job Board will be a free service, for now, while we beta test the software. Check out the (OS1) Job Board, set up your own profile and post a new job or just check out it’s functionality. Don’t be afraid to jump in! We really hope that this will be of service to the (OS1) Users and anybody looking to stay working within the (OS1) World .

All constructive feedback is welcome…please respond here or get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this exciting new feature.


Job Cards….get your (OS1) Job Cards, here!

Yay! The latest and greatest version of the (OS1) Job Cards are now available for purchase in the ManageMen Online Store.

These brand new job cards have been re-designed to highlight daily cleaning and detail cleaning in core areas. They are simplified to keep more accurate times per day and include an entire work week rather than just one day.

The NEW Job Cards are now available in two different options:

  • (OS1) Job Card – Starter Pack (#200-2003S) which includes a total of 5 job cards, one of each color
  • (OS1) Job Card – Work loading Pack (#200-2003W) which includes 25 of each color (125 cards total).

Visit our online store for more details.

Also, we are currently blowing-out the original version of the (OS1) Job Cards at the bargain price of 50% off, while supplies last. Once they are gone, the old version will be discontinued.

(OS1) Pilot Program at Parc

This video highlights the (OS1) Pilot Program at PARC at Hill Air Force Base in Clearfield, Utah. PARC is a NISH CRP that works with employees with various levels of mental and physical disabilities. Managers and employees at PARC discuss what happened during their (OS1) pilot program in 2006.