INTRODUCING: The (OS1) Job Board

I am pleased to announce that the (OS1) Job Board is now live and ready to go. (OS1) is expanding and we have heard from many  (OS1) Users who are interested in maintaining a career or job in the (OS1) World. We thought this would be a useful tool for organizations who are currently doing (OS1) to seek out employees who may( or may not) already have a working knowledge of (OS1).

[button link=”” window=”yes”](OS1) Job Board [/button]

This job board is for both employers as well as job seekers. The format we have chosen has all the functionality of other Job search websites, but again, this is specific to the (OS1) World. Yay! Employers can post available jobs, browse candidate’s resumes, view and relist jobs once they expire, and so much more. Job seekers can browse for current (OS1) Jobs, build and update their resumes, apply for available (OS1) Jobs and more!

The (OS1) Job Board will be a free service, for now, while we beta test the software. Check out the (OS1) Job Board, set up your own profile and post a new job or just check out it’s functionality. Don’t be afraid to jump in! We really hope that this will be of service to the (OS1) Users and anybody looking to stay working within the (OS1) World .

All constructive feedback is welcome…please respond here or get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this exciting new feature.