Job Cards….get your (OS1) Job Cards, here!

Yay! The latest and greatest version of the (OS1) Job Cards are now available for purchase in the ManageMen Online Store.

These brand new job cards have been re-designed to highlight daily cleaning and detail cleaning in core areas. They are simplified to keep more accurate times per day and include an entire work week rather than just one day.

The NEW Job Cards are now available in two different options:

  • (OS1) Job Card – Starter Pack (#200-2003S) which includes a total of 5 job cards, one of each color
  • (OS1) Job Card – Work loading Pack (#200-2003W) which includes 25 of each color (125 cards total).

Visit our online store for more details.

Also, we are currently blowing-out the original version of the (OS1) Job Cards at the bargain price of 50% off, while supplies last. Once they are gone, the old version will be discontinued.